BookoplAthon – Live Blog.

July 12th Midday

The final roll drop and my final update, as I am going to do a spereate wrap up!

Reading Upadate: I have finished both graphic novels so I can jump straight into the reads for the next roll.

ROLL 4: 2019 Board YA fantasy

Unusually for me I dont have a YA fantasy read at the moment. And While this is just noted as a Fantasy short story, the protagonist is still a student and I want to read it so I am counting it. I might start an actual YA fantasy if I get this finished I think I will

Roll 4: 2020 board CONTEMPORARY/romance

Again a bit of a cheat. This is set in the 90s but thats about as contemporary as I get! This is again another review copy so I am glad I can squeeze it into my TBR.

July 12th 8am

Seems like I fell asleep and missed the midnight roll drop (oops). I must have needed the sleep. I also didn’t finish A light in the Dusk but I am sure I can find some time to finish it

ROLL 3: 2019 board Mystery/Thriller

Goldie Vance Vol 1
Hope Larson and Brittney Williams

Decided to give myself a more relaxed morning and choose some graphic novels. I have had this one on my TBR shelf for a while as it just looks so lovely. A little mystery graphic novel on a sunny Sunday morning sounds perfect.

ROLL 3: 2020 Free Parking/gifted

The Tea Dragon Tapestry
Katie O’Neill

This has been gifted to me by Oni Press the publisher so I can review it. The sound of a lazy sunday morning is just too appealing so I opted for another graphic novel. The Tea dragon graphic novels are just so cute and diverse and all round gorgeous they are the per read for a lazy morning!

I think I will safely finish both of these. I do need to head out to the supermarket at some point, so we can eat next week, but I think I can fit that task and these books in, as soon as a grab my morning coffee!

july 11th 9pm

Reading Update: With Three hours to go until the next Roll drop I have managed to finish both

Book 2

This is How you Loose the Time War
which I read as my chance card prompt as I had time after finishing the Paranormal Prompt

Book 3

The Jumbies
which I read to fulfil the 2019 board prompt of read a culturally diverse book.

I am hoping in the next few hours I can squeeze in A Light in the Dusk. At just 107 pages I might be able to do it.

JULY 11th MidDAY

Reading Update: I have yet to finish This is How you Lose the Time War. I have about 50 pages left So should be fairly quick to finish. I ended up mostly reading the ebook instead of listening to the audio as it is just too beautiful a read to not highlight favourite bits. I think on my next re-read I will need to fully annotate it.

But for now It’s time for the second prompt.

Roll 2: 2019 board CULTURALLY Diverse

The Jumbies
Tracey Baptiste

I am reading this as part of the Middle Grade Marvels group read We have read 50 pages and I am just adoring it so I might have to just jump into this and finish it. Its based on Caribbean folk tales and I absolutely adore the narrative voice.

Roll 2: 2020 Board VIEWER Recommends

A Light in the Dusk
Jessi Elliot and K.J. Sutton

Seeing as I read the first instalment for the first prompt and I originally got that recommendation from Becca I think its fitting to continue with the second instalment. I really enjoyed it.

I think I will decide which one I fancy diving into first when I I have finished This is how you lose the Time war.

July 11th 6am

Good morning lovelies. A quick updated to say I managed to finish my first book. And most importantly I got some sleep!

Book 1

A Whisper in the Dark

I enjoyed this. It’s not my usual kind of read but it had a really interesting concept and I could see myself continuing with the series.

I am now going to move on to read How to loose the time war as a bonus book while I wait for roll two!

July 11th midnight

It begins! And I don’t know what to start with. Twitter spoke and for my re-read it picked:

This is how you Lose the Time War
Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone

I adored this book when I first read it and I have been wanting to re-read it. While I don’t currently have my physical copy (My dad borrowed it just before lockdown), I do have access to the audio.But I fancy starting with a physical read so it think I will see how far I can get with A Whisper in the Dark before I need to sleep and hopefully fit in How to loose the time war while I do house work in the morning. So my official first read will be:

Roll 1: Board 2019 – Paranormal

A Whisper in the Dark
Jessi Elliot and K.J. Sutton

July 10th 6pm

Hello, I am trying something new! I have decided to do Becca’s BookoplAthon. Which is a 48 hour readathon that starts at the stroke of midnight tonight and finishes when the clock strikes midnight on the 13th.

If you are not familiar with Becca and the Books, Bookopoly TBR game works I encourage you to go check it out. Her explanation of how it all works can be found HERE. This is a super interactive readathon, with the reveal of the next set of prompts happening every 12 hours over the 48 hour period. So I wanted to do something a bit more active for the experience. I thought about all the ways this could happen! Instagram updates, twitter threads I even toyed with the idea of attempting a vlog (I don’t have a Booktube channel and I am still trying to work up my confidence to actually start one, I keep talking myself out of it) . And I sort of settled on this strange live updating a post as the readathon goes on, we will see how it works.


Becca has two different Bookopoly boards so we will be given one prompt from each board and we can choose which one we want to read.

2019 Board : Paranormal

I am currently reading City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare for my Readalong with Ellie from Read to Ramble we need to finish to to get out post up tomorrow! Yikes so I am hoping to finish it before the readathon starts but if I don’t manage it I might count it for this prompt.

If I do manage to finish City of Ashes I have A whisper in the Dark by Jessi Elliott and K.J. Sutton. This sounds like such an interesting premise and I am intrigued. At only 95 pages it is perfect for this kind or readathon.

2020 board: CHANCE CARD!

This is an interesting one. I have pulled four re-reads off of my shelves and I am going to give you guys the choice. These are all novellas/graphic novels that I have loved and would like to re-read. So I am giving you guys until midnight to decide! Check out my twitter Poll HERE

You can pick between:

So they are my picks for the first prompts. I will be back at Midnight to tell you which prompt I pick and what book I will be reading.

July TBR Game

June is coming to an end meaning It’s time to roll my Dice again and generate my July TBR. I would also like to focus on getting my NetGalley percentage back up towards 80%. The past few months have been kinda stressful and I just haven’t been reading as much so I have ended up with a little bit of a back log. I want to try and get on top of that, and aim to get ahead of schedule as well so instead of pulling the rolls from my physical TBR shelves I am directing my rolls towards my NetGalley shelf.

This does mean I had to remove the Orange pie piece for this month. I have no mystery/thrillers on my current NetGalley TBR so I just re-rolled when the dice hit Orange.

July TBR

What I am Reading


Girl, Serpent, Thorn
Melissa Bashardoust

I actually got an early Physical copy of this through Fairyloot, despite its release as being pushed back to July 7th. This is a Persian inspired fantasy and it just sounds so intriguing.


Seven Devils
Elizabeth May and Laura Lam

I really enjoyed Laura Lam’s previous work both Adult Sci-fi and YA Fantasy. I haven’t had a chance to read Elizabeth May yet. This sounds like it is going to be a fun feminist space opera. I do love a good space opera!


The Space Between Worlds
Micaiah Johnson

This has such a curious premise. I am so intrigued by multi-verse theory and the fact this sounds like it also might have a bit of a murder mystery about it just makes it even more interesting. I am really looking forward to this one. It seems like it is going to be one hell of a ride!


The Angel of Crows
Katherine Addison

I have actually started this one, however the release date was pushed back and I had a couple of other books in the wings with closer dates so I focused on them. I have to admit this so far has been a little disappointing as it was not what the blurb sold but I will keep going and see how it pans out.


Descendant of the Crane
Joan He

Another one I am a little behind for. I received an ARC to celebrate the paperback release which was mid June but was rather overwhelmed with work etc to finish this. What i have read so far is complex and beautiful and I am hoping to tick it off the list very quickly.


The Glass Hotel
Emily St john Mandel

This was on my April TBR, but its release was delayed and request to push back reviews came through so I decided to move it off and to read it closer to release (hardback as ebook is available). This is now rapidly approaching so its going on the list

Book Club Books

I am part of a couple of Book Clubs that are reading some really fun reads this month!

Middle grade Marvels

There are Two books for this middle grade based book club! An exciting ARC and our July book of the month. Its going to be good fun reading and discussing both of them. You can find dull details on the clubs Twitter

The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste

Thomas Wildus and the Book of Sorrows by J.M Bergen

Talks and Thoughts

The group choice for July is Queen of the Conquered by Kacen Callender. This has been on my TBR for a while and i am really interested in getting to it and discussing it with the group.

Book Tours

The Ship of Shadows
Maria Kuzniar

I get to be part of The Write reads tour for this awesome sounding Middle grade. I am really excited to get started on it as it just sounds so much fun. I pirate ship crews by ruthless women filled with dark secrets! yes please!!!!

Hopefully I have not bitten off more than I can chew with this TBR. July should be a more relaxed month in terms of workload so maybe I can squeeze in a bit more reading!

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

June – Reading plans!

June is my Birthday month! June 2nd being my birthday, and that inevitably means a small pile of new books that I will WANT to dive into. So instead of my set TBR game I am allowing myself to have a Mood read month, where I can dive into what ever book I feel like.

There are a few exceptions! I have a very exciting blog project planned with Ellie @ ReadtoRamble. Look out for out announcement post on

Saturday 30th May

I can’t go a whole month with out doing a readathon can I? No I can’t – I will be taking part in Make Your Mythtaker and will announce my TBR on

Sunday 31st May

I also have a few ARCs to read as well that I am VERY VERY VERY excited about. I will also have all my reviews up as close to release date as possible so keep and eye out for them. And I am part of a couple of readalongs that I at least want to get started on the reads for them too. So this is my very loose TBR for June with just my eARCs and readalong books.

I would also love June to be a big month for my blog. I would really like to finally make it over 200 followers and I would really love your help to do that. So if you could please retweet I would be very very grateful. I am going to be doing a birthday giveaway details up on the 2nd of June and if I do make it to my golden numbers of 1000 followers on twitter or 250 blog followers I will be doing another give away for them too!


Assassin’s Quest
Robin Hobb

Farseer Trilogy #3

The Elderlingalong, run by @CatchUpBookClub aims to read Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings universe. I adored the first to books in Fitz’ story and the was Royal Assassin left off I just cant wait to dive into this one. I do have two whole months to get to this one with the live show not taking place until early August.


The Well of Ascension
Brandon Sanderson

Mistoborn #2

This readalong run by @RoyallyBooked, is based on reading everything in Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere! Another one tackling those big chunky books we all put off. I am still playing a little bit of catch up with this one. The live show for Well of Ascension in June 21st so I am hoping to squeeze in all 780 pages before then!


I have been realy fortunate to get granted some of my most anticipated reads as eARCs and I will be either reviewing (as one I am currently reading) or reading and reviewing these this month

The Court of Miracles
Kester Grant

Release 4/6/20 (kindle) 18/6/20 – hardback

I am nearly finished this one and I am really enjoying it. I am not going to say more until my review. This was unfortunately pushed back but only by a couple of weeks so the physical release will be the 18th while the ebook release will remain the 4th.

The Descendant of the Crane
Joan He

Paperback release 16/6/20

I have had this on my radar for ages and i really dont know why I have put off picking it up. But as the paperback is due to release its the perfect time to grab this amazing sounding Chinese inspired fantasy

The Angel of the Crows
Katherine Addison

Release 23/6/20

You know all they have to do is put in a magical London and I am going to read that book. This one is an alternate magic filled London in the time of Jack the Ripper! Yes please.

A Declaration of the rights of Magicians
H.G. Parry

Release 23/6/20

AHHH! I am still screaming with excitment at receiving this eARC! H.G. Parry wrote The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep, which I also had an eARC of and ADORED!!!! It was one of the best books I have read this year and I keep recommending it to anyone that will listen. Please check out my review for that one (here) so when it was announched her second book would be hitting shelves in June I was ready and waiting.

So that is all my must read commitments for this month apart from my #Mythtaker TBR and my secret project with Ellie both which will be announced in the next few days. Also dont forget to look out for my Giveaway post next Tuesday!

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

Tome Topple TBR

Tome Topple is a readathon created by Sam at Thoughts on Tomes all about conquering those big books that are hiding on your shelves. It is a two week readathon from midnight in your timezone. This is Round 11 and it runs from

Saturday 9th – Friday 22nd

I may start slightly early as Friday is a national Holiday here in the UK and I want to dive into these books as quickly as I can.

It is a really relaxed readathon. The goal is just to read 1 tome (a book over 500 pages) it doesn’t matter what type of tome it is the goal is just to finish 1.

For those that want to be a bit more ambitious there is a bingo card. Which has a number of different prompts – each of which you can use one book to represent two of. Again they are fairly loose and open to interpretation. you can do all of them or none of them.

I have a large number of Tomes on my big TBR but there are a couple I want to get to sooner rather than later.

Royal Assassin
Robin Hobb

Farseer #2

I am currently doing the Elderlingalong which is a readalong that is working there way through Robin Hobbs Realm of the Elderling series. This is book 2 in the first trilogy. I really enjoyed book one and I can’t wait to find out what awaits Fitz in this one. I have previously read half of this and then put it down and didn’t pick up again. Now is the time.

The Final Empire
Brandon Sanderson

Mistborn #1

I have some catching up to do on the Cosmere-along. I should have squeezed this one in last month. I really enjoyed Elantris and I have heard that this series is even better. I am hoping I can finish this during tome topple.

The Well of Ascension
Brandon Sanderson

Mistoborn #2

If I manage to get through The Final Empire I am hoping I can catch up and read the Well of Ascension also. This would catch me up with the Cosmere-along!

If I manage to read all of these it means I would have read over 2000 pages in two weeks. I might see if I can find an audio version of one of the three in my library app. It would also mean I could tick off 4 of the boxes on the bingo board which isn’t too bad.

Will you be joining in on Tome Topple this round? I would love to know what you are reading.

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

Medieval-A-thon TBR

May means an new round of the Medieval-a-thon. And things have been shifted around a little this year. The Medieval-a-thon is a month long readathon that sets out a quest for readers to follow.

It is created by Holly Hearts Books, the Medieval-A-Thon runs from

May 1ST -31ST

and revolves around raising your status in the court, choosing a wardrobe and picking your weapons, and collecting faithful companions. It is a fairly relaxed readathon you can read as many or as few books as you wish, you can do all the promts or none at all. It is completely your choice. Again like other readathons it has an awesome community around it that makes it fun to participate and cheer eachother on.


To raise your status you just have to read books. There are no set prompts, you just need to read! which makes this probably one of the easiest readathons I have participated in. Everyone starts as a Prisioner as they have read no books and you can raise your way through the ranks with each books you finish








Emperor/EMpEsress – 7 Books

I will naturally be aiming for the title of


I have a number of books to choose from in my May TBR Game so I wont be picking an new TBR but I am hoping to get all the books in that list finished which should take me above 7 books for the month.


A new catagory for this year you can choose what clothes your character is rocking around the kingdom in. I loved the look of the Rogue like outfit and love the idea or a Rogue Empress roving her empire and keeping it safe, very robin hood-esq.

This outfit requires you read a book with your favourite colour on the cover. For me that is either Purple or Teal and as I have a wealth of purple books I opted for Purple. I will be reading:

The Shadows Between Us
Tricia Levenseller

I received this from a Fairyloot box a few months ago in this glorious purple covered version. Judging from the blurb it also might give me some tips on how to raise to the rank of Empress!


What would a Rouge Empress be without her weapons? How would she defeat her neighsayers and save her people? Again there are a number of weapons to choose from but double wielding some kick-ass daggers really appeal to me.

This prompt is to start or finish a duology. I have a few duologies on my shelves so I had a number to choose from. I decided finsihign one would be a good thing for my TBR shelves. This also ended up as part of my TBR Game picks.

Shadow and Flame
Mindee Arnet

I really really enjoyed the first in this duology, and I have been meaning to get to it for ages. It will be nice to tick off a completed series. I am hoping that it has a good conclusion.


We all need a little company. Again sticking with my Rougish Empress theme I have opted for two. A faithful Horse to weave my way around the Empire and a cunning Fox to spy on all my enemies.

The prompt to gain a horse is to read a tall hardcover. Again I have a wealth to choose from but this allowed me to squeeze in a book I have been just dying to read.

The City we Became
N.K. Jemisin

this is one of my most anticipated books of the year and I have just been itching to read it since it landed on my doorstep last month. I cant wait to read it as it just sounds so fascinating.

To gain a Fox you need to read a book with an Orange cover. Again I had a couple of books I could have picked up for this one. However, after reading one of the series for my O.W.Ls in April I had to revisit this world sooner rather than later.

Guards! Guards!
Terry Pratchett

I loved Equal rites, Pratchett’s humour and worldplay are just joyous. We own this stunning Gollancz Collectors library edition with its VERY orange cover which is just perfect for this prompt.

So that is my Medieval-a-thon TBR. I will be posting updates on Twitter, as part of my WWW wednesday posts and on my Instagram. I have also joined the Discord group so if youa re chatting there do say Hi.

Are you participating? I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter, Instagram or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

May TBR Game

Its May! Wow April flew past, and it was a crazy busy month with working from home and the O.W.Ls, taking part in my first blog tour! I will have a full update on my O.W.Ls progress up shortly.

As there was no TBR Game last month I have given my shelves a reprieve from carrying over any unread books and instead I am starting fresh with a new 6 rolls. In May I am also taking part in Medievalathon and Tome Topple but I will have seperate TBRs for them. Medivalathon should be making its way to you on Friday!

For those that haven’t seen my TBR game before you can read the full rules here in my January TBR post.


What I am Reading


Royal Assassin
Robin Hobb

Continuing on my Realm of the Elderlings readalong. I have read half of this one before but never finished it (because I was writing up my PhD) I really enjoyed what I did read and I am really looking forward to getting to this. Though I may save this for Tome Topple


Shadow and Flame
Mindee Arnet

I really really enjoyed the first in this duology, and I have been meaning to get to it for ages. (that is becoming a very common thing for me to say). It will be nice to tick off a completed series. I am hoping that it has a good conclusion.


Aurora Rising
Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

The second in this series is due out soon and I already have it on pre-order. But you guessed it I haven’t read the first book yet. The aim of this year is to make a dent in the physical TBR on my shelf. I really enjoyed the Illuminae files and I love their writing independently. This has such rave reviews that I think I am going to love it.


What could possibly go wrong?
Jodi Taylor

I am storming ahead with this series. It is so much fun i cant help but want to read the next and the next. These are just so easy to read, I adore the characters, the plots are wild and fast and crazy rattling around time and the last one left me wanting to read on. This is book 6 in 11 so far in the series so I am finally catching up.


The Death of Mrs Westaway
Ruth ware

After reading the woman in cabin 10 last month and loving it I just had to dive into another Ruth ware book and this one was already on my shelf. I am so excited to read more as I really loved woman in cabin 10.


The Hand on the wall
Maureen Johnson

This would complete another loved series! I love a good mystery and I have been itching to find out how this one resolves. I am so hoping it will be a good ending to this series as I have really enjoyed it.


Only one ARC Due this month as the release dates for a couple of others have been pushed back this takes the pressure off a bit and might allow me to catch up on ones I haven’t managed to review yet or maybe get a head start on my June ARCs.

Of Silver and Shadow
Jennifer Gruenke

This just sounds so interesting, revolution, thievery, tricks and an interesting sounding magic system I am really interested in this one. Its due for release on the 26th May. I will have my review up around then.

So that is my TBR as per my TBR game. Some of these might be making their way on to my Medievalathon or Tome Topple TBRs but I have also selected a couple of others. I will have both of them up in in the next week or so.

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

Down the TBR Hole #3

t’s time for another round of cleaning up my Goodreads To Read shelf. If you want to know the full story behind why I decided to do this please check out my first round

Down the TBR Hole #1



In my last journey down the TBR hole I managed to remove four books, however I have since added a new one to the list so I am now at a total of


books on my To Read List. I left off keeping the Magician’s series, of which I own two of them.

The Long Cosmos
Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter

This is the last book in the Long Earth series and I have started the series and really enjoyed the first book. I also managed to find all but the 2nd book available in my local charity shop which probably the reason I have yet to continue, I should just purchase the second so I can keep going.


Morning Star and Golden Son
Pierce Brown

The continuation of the Red Rising series, which I started last month but had to put aside for the O.W.Ls. I was really enjoying it so I think I will be continuing.


Glass Sword
Victoria Aveyard

I have had Red Queen on my physical shelves for quite a while and I am just not sure I will pick it up. I am sure I will at some point especially with my TBR game but as I have moved away from a lot of YA fantasy in recent months I think I may have missed my time for this series. Therefore I am going to remove this for just now but if I enjoy Red queen it may make its way back on.


Blue Blazes
Chuck Wendig

I have been meaning to read Wendig for some time now. And I have had this on my kindle for a while. I do like a good bit of Urban fantasy but usually I am focused on police procedural and this seems to follow the other side which could be interesting.


The Drafter
Kim Harrison

I honestly had no idea about this one when I cam across it, and reading the blurb i have no idea why I ever would have put it on a TBR. Romantic suspence isn’t really my thing at all.


The Gender Game
Bella Forrest

It has been quiet a while since I have read YA distopia and I think my time of being interesting in this genre has passed. While I think I will re-read some old favourites in the genre but I don’t think anything new will make it on to my TBR its just not for me anymore


Rebel of the Sands
Alwyn Hamilton

Ah I have been wanting to read this for so long! I really need to pick it up. I have been meaning to get it out of my library but it usually has a waiting list. I think this will go up in my wish list.


Adulthood is a Myth
Sarah Anderson

To be honest I think I have actually read this, or at least seen most of it online. I don’t think it is a must must read and I think I can remove it. While I do love comics esp little one of words of wisdom and relatable bursts like these I think they are more fun to dip in and out of than sit down and read cover to cover.


Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
Douglas Adams

I am about to commit a crime and remove a book by one of my all time favourite authors from the list. I love Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy. I grew up listening to my dad’s cassette recordings of the radio programme and reading the novel adaption. I own several copies of the novels and have the 42nd anniversary additions on my wish list. However, I just cant get into Dirk Gently! I have tried time and time again to read this book and just end up putting it down. I think I have to stop kidding myself and remove it from the TBR.


Whoo! I removed 5 out of the 10 books on the list! I think that is great. slowly but surely whittling down the list to books I am still interested in. Those that are still on the list are mostly series in progress that again just reminds me to keep trying to finish them. I think another focus on clearing series off of my TBR might be in order.

So we now have a total of 319 Books on my Want to read list.

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

Magical Readathon – O.W.Ls 2020

Get ready to colour coded your revision time table, find a seat in the Hogwart’s library and prepare to spend long evenings surrounded by notes in the common room, as the 2020 round of the Ordinary Wizarding Levels are upon us.

I Cant beleive its the third year I am taking part in this awesome readathon! Gintare at Bookroast is back with another round of the Magical readathon.  This has clearly been a labour of love for Gintare and I urge you to go check out her announcement video and follow the official Twitter for all the details. As with the Winter readathon all the details can also be found on G’s website:

A huge, open and friendly community has built itself around these readathons over the few years. From the Discord group to the Twitter account everyone is so encouraging, just demonstrating the best of bookish people. You don’t need to be a Harry Potter fan to join in, you will be welcomed with open arms regardless.

As usual this round runs from:

1ST -30TH APRIL 2020


I Choose alchemist last year and I think I am going to stick with it. I was torn between Curse breaker or Unspeakable but they just don’t seem challenging enough for me. I like the O.W.Ls to be challenging. Alchemist requires you to pass all 12 subjects! I have managed 12 books most months this year so lets see if I can keep that up.


This year added extra Seminars and Training’s which you can either do in conjunction or as extras to your exam subjects. I have picked Animagus training. which requires me to pass Arithmany, Potions and Transfiguration.

The Prompts

I have a huge TBR and while I have been trying to combat it with my TBR game over the past few months I am still only making a small dent. I am also very privileged to have a backlog of eARCs so I have decided to use this readathon as an opportunity to make a dent in both

Queen Of Hearts
Coleen Oakes

I have always been an Alice in Wonderland fan and I adore Queen of Hearts stories so it is strange I haven’t picked up this one yet.

Ayoade On Top
Richard Ayoade

I am not one to read non-fiction or literary criticism, when I do I tend to like them with a big does of Comedy. So that’s why I am picking up this! It is a critique on the film View From the Top starring Gwyneth Paltrow, and is sure to be hilarious

Laura Lam

The first of my eARCs I need to get to, Golilocks is a Sci-fi about the first-female to a new planet. It is due to release the end of April and I hope to read this in plenty of time to get you my review.

The King of Crows
Libba Bray

I received this eARC on the day the book was released and I had already set my TBR, but now I hope I have time for this Tome. I have adored this series and I am hoping I love its conclusion.

The Dragon Republic
R. F. Kuang

Another eARC I didn’t manage to get to before release. Yikes I am late on this one as we have just got the cover reveal for the third in the series. I did enjoy the first one so I am hoping this will be as good.

Wilder Girls
Rory Power

And yet another unfinished eARC that is past its due date. I really need to get on top of them. I think this might be the perfect read for DADA as it is set on an island and seems to have some spooky elements.

The Last Emperox
John Scalzi

Ok I am cheating on this one a little. This isnt as random as it should be, but when you are coming up with your TBR and the eARC of the final book in one of your favourite authors trilogy lands in your inbox not just from his UK publisher but also the US publisher you kinda have to put it on your TBR and as it is out April 16th I need to get on it ASAP. So it is my random book.

Seanan McGuire

I have wanted to read this for so long but I feel strangely intimidated by it and while I have placed it in my TBR cart a number of times but never picked it up. This is the month.

Susan Dennard

I have had this on my shelves for such a while, and I have seen so many people praise it. Its another one I seem to pass over when I choose my TBRs so its time I grab it.

The Glass hotel
Emily St John Mandel

Another eARC, I was hoping to get to this one this month but with all the upheaval I haven’t managed to reach it. In the UK it is released on April 24th so hopefully I will have time.

Summer Frost
Blake Crouch

I started this series of short stories when they were released but havent finished them. This is the next on my list and is perfect for this prompt

Girls of Storm and Shadow
Natasha Ngan

I am becoming a broke record but this is another unread eARC. I really need to get better at prioritising my ARCs. Another one I loved the first book in the series so I am again hoping for a great squeal.

So that is my O.W.Ls TBR. Are you participating in the O.W.Ls? What is one your TBR? Are you reading any of these and would like to buddy read?

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

Down The TBR Hole #2

It’s time for another round of cleaning up my Goodreads To Read shelf. If you want to know the full story behind why I decided to do this please check out my first round

Down the TBR Hole #1

How it Works


After last weeks, some what of a failed attempt I only removed two books from my shelf. That means I now have a total of :


Books on the To Read Shelf. Let’s hope I can be more ruthless with the next ten up on the block. We left of on books added around February 2016! With the last book being me keeping The Master Magician by Charlie M. Holmberg.

Who Killed Sherlock Holmes?
Paul Cornell
Date Added: Jul 2016

I have read the first in this series, and damn it was creepy but awesome. I have the second one sitting on my shelf and I am determined to get to it. It’s a really dark urban fantasy that makes it stand out from other urban fantasies I have read. I think this will have to be a keep on the list.


Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet
Charlie M. Holmberg
Date Added: Jul 2016

Another Holmberg. I think I went through a wee spurt of adding all the things she brought out. I am not sure about this one. While I am close to finishing The Master Magician I am not in love with the series. And after reading the blurb I think it might be a bit to fluffy for my current tastes.


The Unreliable guide to London
Date Added: Jul 2016

This one is a remove straight away. While I do love books set in London this one is a anthology and I have found that anthologies are just not for me. I find them very hard to read. Some have even put me into reading slumps! So this one is off the list.


A Murder in Time
Julie McElwain
Date Added: Jul 2016

A 2016 was the time where I believed I enjoyed historical fiction. I have since discovered they are not really for me, not unless they have a strong fantasy element, or are Agatha Christie. So even though there are some interesting elements in this blurb I think its off the list.


All our Yeasterdays
Cristin Terrill
Date Added: Aug 2016

This seems like it would be something I enjoy but after noticing that it only averages 3 stars from some blogger friends I trust and them describing it as more contemporary than Sci-fi I don’t think it is for me. While I love a good time travel story I like more Science in mine.


Paper and Fire
Rachel Caine
Date Added: Aug 2016

This is a keep. I have the first in the series on my physical TBR shelf and I actually started it for the NEWTs readathon I just didn’t finish it! I was really enjoying it but got engrossed in other books and didn’t pick it back up. But I will be returning the the Great Library at Alexandria and I will be finishing this series!


The Lost Child Of Lychford
Paul Cornell
Date Added: Aug 2016

Another Paul Cornell and another one I have started the series but never continued. I don‘t own these novellas but they are readily available in both ebook and audiobook on Scribd. I did really enjoy the humour of the first book and I think I am going to have to keep this one my list as I do think it would make a great quick read, possibly for a readathon.


Benedict Jacka
Date Added: Sept 2016

I own both the ebook and audiobook of this and I have yet to actually pick it up. I think I am scared to start yet another series but as it is there I can’t move it off of my To Read Shelf as it is part of my physical TBR. It does sound really interesting and I do want to read it. I just need to finish a few series first.


The Magicians
Lev Grossman
Date Added: Sept 2016

I have all three of these on my Physical TBR Shelf and again it is just a case of needing to finish out other series before I get to them. I think it will be soon though as I have been keen to watch the TV show too.


Ok I think it did a bit better this week. Out of the 13 books I looked at I managed to get rid of 4 of them. A lot of these were series or books I own physically so it just reminds me I need to get to them sooner rather than later.

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

Down the TBR hole #1

So I was looking for something to write that wasn’t just a review, as I have just been bombarding you guys with reviews lately, and I reached out to ask my fantastic blogging group for help! I will link all their blogs after my post so you can check them all out. The have been such an awesome and supportive group. Of course they came through with some awesome ideas and one I just had to give a try!

The lovely Candyce from The Book Dutchesses had posted her 25th Down the TBR hole and it just sounded like such a fun way to sift through the depths of my Goodreads TBR shelf and finally do some tidying!

This was originally started by Lost in a Story (Blog currently offline) and it works like this:

Go to your goodreads to-read shelf.

Order on ascending date added.

Take the first 5 (or 10 or 15 or 20, if you’re feeling adventurous) books.

Read the synopses of the books.

Decide: keep it or should it go?

Keep track of where you left off so you can pick up there Later

I have to admit I am a bit of a Goodreads hoarder. I tend to add just about anything I see or hear to my To Read shelf and I never tidy it. So That means I have a total of

329 Books

on my shelf. Some of these are books I own and I just want to have a place holder for the specific edition so when I move it to currently reading I can easily access it so that edition via mobile (as Goodreads needs some work on that). Others are books that I have heard about while listening to podcasts, booktube, browsing twitter.

Storm Front
‘Richard Castle’
Date Added: Feb 2015

Oh a TV tie in, that’s an embarrassing start! I loved Castle and I have to admit I kind of enjoyed the tie in books. They were fun and basically more of the TV show, an easy going beach read. However, its been a while since this series ended and I haven’t watched for it for a while and I don’t own this book so I don’t think I will every pick it up


The Testing Series
Joelle Charbonneau
Date Added: Feb 2015

Yes I added the whole series and I have actually read them all and I have been meaning to re-read them ever since. These are in the same realm of dystopian YA focused around university education. Its kind of similar to Divergent but I actually preferred it (as it doesn’t contain lazy un-researched science- yes that is shade at Alliegent) .

I read it during studying for my MRes, I think travelling home for the holidays if I remember correctly and I just really enjoyed them. I do still want to read them again so I think they have to be kept.


Royal Assassin
Robin Hobb
Date Added: May 2015

This is another keep! As I will be joining in on the Elderlingalog which starts next month. As this is book 2 in the series I think we will be reading this one in April/May! so it will be off my To-Read shelf then, I guess.


A Criminal Magic
Lee Kelly
Date Added: Nov 2015

Oh this is the first tough one. I really kind of like the sound of the synopsis, magic, 1920s, gangs but it has been on my TBR for almost 5 years and it doesn’t appear to be available anywhere even amazon so I think it has to be removed!


Fall of the Gas Light Empire Books #2 and #3
Rod Duncan
Date Added: Feb 2016

I have read the first book in this series and it has been a good long while but I remember enjoying it. Goodreads said I gave it 3 stars and I remember going to request the second one from my library and them not stocking it (despite having the 3rd on file) so I never continued. It was an interesting sort of steam punk mystery, with some great world building. I think if i was to read these I would have to read the first book again though. I think they are a keep, but just for now


The Master Magician
Charlie M. Holmburg

Another one! I have read the first two and then never continued. I do own this on my kindle! and its got the audio in kindle unlimited so I really have no excuse why I haven’t finished it yet. So it is a keep but I think I will have to think aobut giving myself a deadline on the ones I own.


Oh I didn’t do so well at the whole clearing the shelf did I! only removing 2 out of the 10. It did remind me of some great books I have to read, and some that may need to be reassessed later.

Here are some awesome bloggers from my Bloggers group chat that helped me out with suggestions and you should defiantly go check out:

Of course there is Candyce of the Book Dutchesses whom I pinched this idea from, Ellie from ReadToRamble who suggested I pinch Candyce’s idea, and Kat from KBookreviews who gave me ideas for some awesome tags I will be doing very shortly. Thank you all you are all awesome!

What has been sitting languishing on your To Read shelves on Goodreads?
I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!