Disney Park Book Tag

It’s another Tag Tuesday. I was recently tagged by Danni and _ForBooksSake to do this tag and the questions just seemed so much fun I had to do them. I will admit though I have only ever been to a Disney park once in my life and it was over 20 years ago now! I went to Disneyland Paris with my parents when I was 10! Euro Disney was still fairly new (it has only been open for 5 years) I don’t think it had half these rides and I was too short to ride some of them! Luckily, I don’t need to talk about the rides only the books I picked!

The Rules:

  • Mention the creator and link back to original post [Alexandra @ Reading by Starlight]
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  • Answer the 10 questions below using any genre
  • Tag 5+ friends
  • Feel free to copy the heading graphics

The Questions:

The Jungle Cruise: A Book Set Along The River

Rivers of London
Ben Aaronovich

River’s of London #1

Not only is the series focused on London, the River Themes and it’s tributaries, it features the Rivers manifested as their goddesses with unique River magic. These River Goddesses also reflect the history and culture of central London, with their spheres of influence matching the area of there influence. I adore the magic system in this series, along with the humour, history, culture and diversity of London contained within them.

Pirates of the Caribbean: A Swashbuckling High Seas Adventure

The Ship of Shadows
Maria Kuzniar

It had to be this book. I have not stopped talking about this little gem. Its a book packed with Pirate Girl Gang action, which is focuses on just finding yourself and being who you are. I loved it. I have a full review HERE and I also got to ask the author a couple of questions HERE

The Haunted Mansion: A Book With An Eerie Vibe

The King of Crows

The Diviners #4

This whole series has a great creepy vibe from start to finish. Set in the 1920s and focusing round a group of Diviners ( a group of bright young things with magical powers) as they try to solve mysetrious goings on and why they developed such powers in the first place. The fourth book takes them out of New York and across the USA as they split up to finally solve the mysteries. However the creepy King of Crows a tall spectral being is hunting them. It just is so atmospheric at times that it really gives you the chills. I have a spoiler free review for King of Crows HERE

Thunder Mountain Railroad: A Thrill Ride From Start to Finish

The Space Between Worlds
Micaiah Johnson

This was just released and while I had an ARC of it I wish people were shouting about this more! I adored it. The action didn’t stop, it flung twist and turns at the most unexpected times. It also managed to focus so much as the human aspects, and very significant topics such as racism, classism, living with abuse etc. etc. I just couldn’t put it down. It was phenomenal and more people need to read it! I have a full spoiler free review here.

Splash Mountain: A Book Set in the Deep South

This was a hard one to find. I dont actually read a lot of books set in the US, and if they are they are either centred around New York City or they are witchy so have a very new England vibe. The deep south, as far as fantasy is concerned, tends towards more paranormal and paranormal romance so I really haven’t read many books set there. One I do want to get to it is

River of Teeth
Sarah Gailey

This is a alternate history set in Louisiana that looks at what might have happened if they had gone through with the proposal to introduce hippo’s into the Mississippi river. It just seems like such an interesting concept, taking that bizzare historical proposal and extrapolating what might have happened. It is definitely on my TBR for the future.

Cinderella Castle: A Book With A Castle

Assassin’s Apprentice
Robin Hobb

Farseer Trilogy #1

Not how you would traditionally picture a storybook castle but a more historical context this book features keep and court life, as out main character, Fitz, grows up within the walls of Buckkeep, as the bastard son of the former 1st in line to the throne. It isn’t always a pleasant place, but we do get to explore everything from the castles kitchens to its towers and its secret passage ways. I have a review HERE

Mad Tea Party: A Whimsical Book

The Beast and the Bethany
Jack Meggitt-Philips

I have just finished an ARC of this book and it is just deleightful. It has a real Dahl-esq quality with how wicked it is while also being completely whimiscal. I am very lucky to be part of The Write reads Blog tour for this devilish little book and I will be posting my review next week!

Matterhorn Bobsleds: A Trek Through the Mountains

My mind instantly goes to Lord of the rings for this one as while it has been some time since I visited middle earth in text, I have watched the movies more recently. I am perpetually telling myself I should treat myself to some nice editions and sit down to read them again. SO I decided to look back through my reading year to see if i have a mountain adventure there.

A shiver of Snow and Sky
Lisa Lueddecke

While not really a mountain trek, this book does have a small section where the main character has to brave the perils of the mountains in order to save her island from invaders. I did enjoy this book, it had really interesting world building and folk lore. You can read my review of it HERE.

It’s a Small World: A World Inspired by Another Culture

The Jumbies
Tracey Baptiste

The Jumbies #1

Another recent read, and another middle grade, which I read as part of the Middle Grade Marvels book club. It was our July book. This is inspired by Carribean folk and fairy tales which is something I hadn’t read before. It was so atmospheric. Middle grade books have a way of building a creepy yet fun atmosphere. We got a lot of information about the islands culture and I am really glad I picked it up. You can read my mini review HERE.

Space Mountain: A Fast Paced Space Opera

Seven Devils
Elizabeth May and Laura Lam

Seven Devils #1

I read alot of space opera, its one of my favourite genres. I suspect a few people would have thought I would have picked a John Scalzi novel for this prompt. But I decided to go with my most recently read space opera as I think it needs a bit of shouting about. Seven Devils is another Girl gang book this time in space and it is just great fun. I really enjoyed it and I also think it would be a really good entry book into space opera for those wanting to give it a try. Its very character driven and have some awesome twists. You can find my review HERE

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Gina Rae Mitchell

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Tag Tuesday: The Coffee Book Tag

I was hunting for some fun tags to do to vary up my posts, while I need to sit down and catch up on my reviews. I encountered this tag doing the rounds again. I have unfortunately not been able to track down who originally came up with the tag, if anyone knows please let me know so I can credit them too.

As both I am both a Coffee and Book lover this seemed perfect.

Black Coffee | Name A Series That’s Tough To Get Into But Has Hardcore Fans:

The Realm of the Elderlings
Robin Hobb

I think this is more daunting than hard to get into. Epic Fantasy is always a bit daunting to get into especially when there are multiple series and several 500+ page books to tackle. My sister is a big fan of this series and bought me the Farseer Trilogy to will me to read it. I started this series this year and I am adoring it. I have a review of the first book Here

Peppermint Mocha | Name A Book That Gets More Popular During the Winter or A Festive Time of Year:

A Very Scalzi Christmas
John Scalzi

I think this should be more popular during the festive season. It is no secret that I am a Scalzi fan and this is just jam packed with short stories filled with seasonal fun. It also has a lot of Scalzi’s humour. From interviews with Santa’s lawyer and the Nativity Innkeeper to what would happen if Christmas materialised in July, this is just such an interesting collection. I have reviewed this collection here.

Hot Chocolate | What Is Your Favourite Children’s Book?

From my childhood I have to pick Charlie and the Chocolate factory / Charlie and the great glass elevator by Roald Dahl. I remember first being read these books by my parents and then reading them myself several times. My original copy is almost falling apart.

I also recently re-read the Worst Witch by Jill Murphy and I was really surprised at how much it felt like coming home. I remembered so much of the events in Ms Cackles Academy. It was really good fun to return to that world and remember so much about it.

Double Shot of Espresso | Name A Book That Kept You On the Edge Of Your Seat From Start to Finish:

The Chronicles of St Mary’s
Jodi Taylor

This entire series is so fast paced that you cant help but be riveted. It takes so many sharp twists and turns that the pages just keep turning and you never know what is going to happen next. I love it. I always compare reading each of these books is like binge watching a series of a TV show. There is so much story and content but you never feel you are missing Information. I am currently on book 6 and book 12 comes out later this year along with a spin off series so there is plenty to keep me going.

Starbucks | Name A Book You See Everywhere:

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue
V.E. Schwab

It isnt even out yet and this book is everywhere. the hype train is definitely starting. And I along with a lot of others would love to get my hand on an ARC (here’s hoping). If not I am sure there will be many special editions to pre-order in the near future. I am looking forward to it as the premise sounds amazing.

The Hipster Coffee Shop | Give A Book By An Indie Author A Shout Out:

Jessi Elliott and K.J Sutton

The most recent Indie authors I have read was this novella, recommended by Becca and the Books and I really enjoyed it. Paranormal romance is not my usual wheelhouse but this was a fun read and I am glad i picked it up. I am hoping to get to the other 3 in the series soon.

Oops! I Accidentally Ordered Decaf | Name A Book You Were Expecting More Of:

Wilder Girls
Rory Power

This was just such a disappointment for me. I really didn’t find it that exciting or enjoyable. I ended up giving it one of my lowest ratings this year of just 2 stars. I have a full review you can read here .

The Perfect Blend | Name A Book Or Series That Was Both Bitter And Sweet, But Ultimately Satisfying:

Six of Crows Duology
Leigh Bardugo

A bit controversial with this one but I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Six of Crows, it promised me a heist and really didn’t deliver to my expectations. However, I really enjoyed Crooked Kingdom. It really made this series for me and I am glad I continued on to read it. I have reviewed Crooked Kingdom.

Chai Tea | Name a Book Or Place Series That Makes You Dream Of Far Off Places

A Thousand Beginnings and Endings
Various Authors

I really enjoyed this anthology mainly because it provided me with retellings of myths and legends I was both familiar and completely unfamiliar with. The accompanying author essays gave so much insight into what retelling those meant to them and I really enjoyed reading that.

Earl Grey | Name Your Favourite Classic:

The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy
Douglas Adams

Ok its more of a modern Classic that a true classic but I am counting it as this book is probably instrumental in forming my reading tastes and sense of humour. I first listened to the radio programs this is based on at a very young age as my dad had them on tape (showing my age). Eventually I ended up reading his copy and the acquiring several of my own. I just love the sense of humour.

I would like to tag anyone that fancies giving this tag a go!

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

Tag Tuesday – Ten Bookish Questions

Time for another Tag Tuesday! I was tagged by both Ellie from ReadtoRamble and Erika at AndOnSheReads to do this Tag. I loved getting to read there answers, some made me giggle. There are some real fiendish question, there were great fun to answer. This tag was originally created by  A Books Neverland!

How many books do you currently own?

Ahhhhhhh I dont know exactly and I am scared to count. If we included my four book bookshelves (600ish), all the books on the night stand(10+), my book cart(30+), those hidden in all the different shelves in the living room(40+), my kindle library(180+) and my audible library(200+) I must have between 1000 and 1100 books. But that is a big guess. Also alot of them are doubles, i often have the audio version of books I own physically or on kindle.

How many books are you currently reading?

Too many. I am currently reading 2 ARC, City of Glass with Ellie, two group reads with reading groups and I will most likely pick up an audio-book while I am working. This is how I tend to read a varying number of books all from different genres. Currently one of my ARCs is a Sci-Fi, the other is an Adult Historical Fantasy retelling, then one of my group reads is a YA fantasy and a middle grade. Therefore, I will probably opt for mystery audiobook.

Choose a couple of books you read but didn’t enjoy?

Harrow Lake and Paris Adrift are the lowest rated books I have read this year. I have reviews for both as they were both ARC copies. I didn’t get on with Harrow Lake at all, I had reservations about how mental health was treated within the book. Paris Adrift was unfortunately just rather dull.

A cover buy?

My latest cover buys have been re-releases of old favourites. The Inkheart trilogy by Cornelia Funke are just gorgeously designed and I just couldn’t resist snapping them up. They are just so gorgeous. bringing out all the wonderful elements of the books.

Recently they have also started to re-release Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom series in beautiful new editions, with a new book heading our way too. These books mean so much to me. I named my one of my kittens Mogget because I love it so much. I cant wait to have all of these gorgeous books on my shelves and to start my re-read.

A book you own but hate the cover of?

This has to be the ugliest book cover on my shelves. Its just mustard. It doesn’t have any design or even any indication that this is a festive story. Its just Mustard. it is the facsimile edition of the Crime club choice original print they usually have such fun and interesting covers with a half jacket, but this one is just boring and did I mention it was mustard coloured.

A book you haven’t read in years?

I have to go back to the Inkheart trilogy. I havent read them since they first came out and I really need to go back to them. I also want to go back to The Hunger Games. I last read them around the time the movies were released and I haven’t gone back to them. I also want to go re-read the Testing by Joelle Charbonneau, which again I havent read since I read the hunger games. The list could go on and on. I am overdue for my re-read of Old mans war series by John Scalzi. I think I might have a

A book you will always recommend?

Are you ready for the list? …… (Ellie, I am sorry)

Old mans War by John Scalzi,
Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovich
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep by H.G. Parry
Sabriel by Garth Nix

All time favourite book series?

Old mans War by John Scalzi,
Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovich
Sabriel by Garth Nix

Where do you read?

all over the house. I have a big reading chair in the living room bay window. I read on the couch while my husband games. There is a couch in my library which I also snuggle up on. I have a window seat in bedroom which is lovely to sit at on a sunny sunday morning. I read in bed, I read while travelling, I listen to audiobooks while walking or working or doing housework. The only place I don’t read is in the bath as I prefer showers.

What are the last two books you gave a 5 star rating?

The last two books I gave 5 stars were The Ship of Shadows by Maria Kuznair which I have a full review for HERE. This was a fun packed pirate adventure that just had the pages turning.

I also recently finished an advanced copy of the third graphic novel in the Tea Dragon series, The Tea Dragon Tapestry by Katie O’Neill. This was such a beautiful little graphic novel. the Whole series has been five stars for me. The art work and story are stunning. I will have a review out for it shortly.

So those are my answers. I never know who has done these tags or not in these so. I have picked Kerri form Kerri McBookNerd and Candyce from The Book Dutchesses

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

My 2020 Mid-year Freak-out Tag

It’s coming close to the end of June and that means we are half way through 2020! That means its time to do the mid-year book freak out tag!

2020 has been a year hasn’t it. I think a lot of people have seen a slow down or have been struggling to read with the lock down and I have to say I have been mixed. I have still been working full time as my job can 100% be done from home ( with so many Microsoft teams meetings – sorry to my poor students) and that ha actually reduced my reading time. I am finding I am working longer hours and without my commute I don’t have my daily dedicated reading time.

However when I look at my reading stats so far this year I am really please. I have read a lot of awesome books, found a couple of new favourite authors and taken part in some really fun events.


Number of Books so far: 68

No of pages: 21,894

Best reading Month so far: January, February and April (I read 14 books all three months)


5 Stars: 22
4.5 Stars: 11
4 Stars:
3.5 Stars: 8
3 Stars: 
2.5 Stars: 2
2 Stars: 
1 Star: 



The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep
H.G Parry

I read this very early on in January and have been gushing about it ever since. There has yet to be a contender for the top spot (Update: while writing this I am reading H.G Parry’s A Declaration of the Rights of Magicians and it is looking like it is going to kick this of its top perch- spots one and two for best reads of 2020 look like they might be going to H.G Parry). I have a full review for this one HERE. It really is the book I have been talking about all year and I do think I will probably re-read it before the year is out.


The Last Emperox
John Scalzi

The interdependency #3

Scalzi just piped Aaronovich to the post on this one but based on my E.S.C.A.P.E reviewing system this one got the higher score. And it deserved it. It was one of those perfect endings to a fun series. Filled with Scalzi’s usual humour. You can check out my full spoiler free review HERE


The City We Became
N.K. Jemisin

This has been on my TBR cart and a couple of Monthly TBRs since it came out. Almost every Wednesday since it was released I have put it as the book I am going to read next and I still haven’t! I just need to pick it up and start! it really does seem like something I would really love, and the physical copy itself is gorgeous. I just want to give it the due attention it deserves and a lot has been vying for my time lately. Maybe when I move jobs at the end of this month I will have some more time.

The House in the Cerulean Sea
TJ Klune

I have heard people rant and rave about this one but it didn’t appear to have a UK release despite scowering all local and internet book suppliers and even appeared sold out on amazon! However, a gorgeous hardback edition landed on my doorstep as a birthday gift and it has been sitting staring at me ever since. Everyone has mentioned how feel good and happy it made them so I just have to read it!


Oh so many but here are top 3 I can quite decide between.

The Once and Future Witches
Alix E. Harrow

15th October 2020

I adored The Ten Thousand Doors of January! Harrow’s writing was gorgeous so I have been excitedly waiting to see what she would come out with next. This sound like it is going to be just as beautiful and I can’t wait to get my hands on it (UPDATE: I now have an eARC copy!!! I am so excited)

A Deadly Education
Naomi Novik

29th September

Again I am a big fan of Novik’s work. I still have to finish working my way through the Temeraire series! So when it was announced that she was writing a Magical school series it went straight on the to buy list!!!
I am sure it will be as darkly gorgeous as her previous works.

The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue
V. E. Schwab

6th October

I think half of the book community is waiting on this book. Schwab has been teasing it for some time. It really seems to be a bit of a passion project for her so I am excited to see what it will be like. Advanced reviews are looking promising, but Schwab can be hit or miss for me so we will have to see.


Harrow Lake
Kat Ellis

Release date: 9th July

I read this as part of A The Write Reads Ultimate blog tour but declined to post my review. My review will be going live closer to release date. But in one short sentence – This was the worst mental health representation I have ever read to the point that I believe this could actually be damaging and I despair that it is marketed to a teenage audience. This is not just disappointing it is just anger inducing.


Due to recent discussions on the behavior towards women of the author i had originally choose to feature for this question I have decided to remove my promotion of his work. Once i think of a new entry I will post it


I think we know that H.G Parry is a given for me as a new favourite author! I will happily read anything she wished to publish. But I also really enjoyed the work of a lot of other new to me/debut authors. I have mentioned Myke Cole before and I really liked Sixteenth watch but I also really enjoyed these:

The Last Smile in Sunder City
Luke Arnold

I am not usually one for celebrity novels. Usually they are kinda gimmicky but Luke Arnold’s was fantastic. With Noir PI vibes in an awesome fantasy setting this is probably going to be one of my top reads of the year. I have an ARC review of this book HERE. This was definitely a great debut and I am looking forward to the next in the series.

Woman in Cabin 10
Ruth Ware

I picked this up randomly in a kindle sale and then it was chosen for my TBR as part of a Twitter pole and I adore it. I had not read any Ruth Ware before and I am so so glad I picked it up. I am definitely going to read more I do own The death of Mrs Waterway. You can read my full review of The Woman in Cabin 10 HERE


I have to admit i love these characters for all different reasons. I would love to spend more time with Charlie from The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep, he was such an interesting character and I loved his ability to pull characters out of books. Similarly Tilly from the Pages and Co series (my mini review) also has the same power but she is a little more sassier than Charlie and I really loved her adventures. Lastly I am a sucker for a sassy AI and Murderbot is just a dream character in that respect (my Review)


Northern Lights
Philip Pullman

This was a re-read for me and such a nostalgia trip for me! I adored this when I was younger and it was still so readable as an adult. I have a mini review for this HERE.


City of Bones
Cassandra Clare

This is an out of the box one as it is less to do with the book that the context in which I read it. The book itself did get three stars which is still a good rating but I read it as a buddy read! and we had so much fun Check out my post HERE. I am really looking forward to continuing on with the rest of the series!


Here are just a few:

Well that is my mid year freak out. There is still a lot of time to read the rest of the year.

How has your 2020 reading year going so far? What has been your favourite read so far?

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

Tag Tuesday – Currently reading tag

I have been a little rushed off my feet lately so haven’t had time to sit down and write a review in a long time (though I do have a couple coming up in the next few days). So instead of stressing out and throwing a review together I have decided to do this quick tag that I can fill in the answers between zoom meetings!

I am not sure who created this tag or where I found it. I the questions siting in my draft posts for over a year so I am probably resurrecting a long dead tag at this point but the questions seem fun. If you do know who created this tag please let me know so I can add credit to the post.

1. How many books do you usually read at once?

Anywhere form 2 to 6. It really depends on the mood I am in. Currently I am a bit slumpy so I am flitting from book to book , right now I am reading these three:

2. How do you decide when to switch between multiple reads?

Again it is all to do with mood. I tend to try to read from different genres or very different settings/writing styles. For example, I am working on finishing the Court of Miracles which I have as an ARC and it requires a lot of my attention which I have been struggling with so when I can no longer give it full attention I switch to City of Bones which is a re-read and a little fluffier of a read for me. I have Descendant of the Crane as an audiobook so I can keep reading while working.

3. Do you ever switch bookmarks partially through a book?

Yes, usually because I take my current bookmark out put it down somewhere in the house, wander around the house with my book and forget where I put my bookmark and have to grab a new one from my bookmark pot.

4. Where do you keep the books you are currently reading?

TBR cart, TBR shelf in the living room, TBR shelf in my library, random shelf in my library, on the couch in my library, on the side table in my library, on my desk, on the side table bhind my desk, on the coffee table, under the coffee table, on the arm of the couch, on my reading chair, on the little shelve that houses the remotes beside the couch, on the side table in the hall, on my beside table, on my window seat, in my handbag (not so much lately) in my work bag (again not so much lately) …… basically my house. I spend a lot of time looking for where I put them down I guess that why I read so many at a time, I keep loosing my current read and starting a new one.

5. What time of day do you read the most?

It used to be on my commute which was 1.5 hours each way by train but since lockdown I do all my reading at night. It really changed my reading habits as I just dont have that dedicated time anymore. As this will probably be my life for the next few months as even with stuff opening back up I will be remaining work from home, I think I need to start setting up a more structured reading schedule.

6. How long do you typically read in one session?

Again I used to read for at least 3 hours a day 1.5 hours each way but since lockdown I tend to read for 2/3 hours a night. But that depends if we watch TV or play games then its just a few pages before bed. I really need to get back on a schedule.

7. Do you read hardbacks with the dust jackets off?

Off. I put them on a high shelf to keep them safe from the cats and it means I can get my grease paws all over the hardcover without worrying about how it looks as once you put the dust jacket back on it looks all lovely and new again.

8. What position do you mainly use to read?

I am usually in my reading chair or on the couch with my book in my lap but my readaing chair is large enough dor me to lie on my back with my legs over the arm and I do like reading like that too (usually with my kindle as its lighter to hold and doesn’t hurt as much if I drop it on my face)

9. Do you take your current read with you everywhere you go?

Usually yes I do take a current read with me everywhere, but as we haven’t been going anywhere for a few months, no. I do walk around the house reading though.

10. How often do you update your Goodreads reading progress?

I try to remember and do it often but usually I get distracted and forget and only end up updating when I start and finish a book.

If you would like to do this Tag I tag you!

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

Tag Tuesday – Stay at home Book tag

I am still so far behind in writing my reviews that I have started actively avoiding them! So instead I am resurrecting Tag Tuesday. Scotland is still very much under lock down and while things are starting to plan to reopen it looks like I will be working from home for a good time to come. So what better tag to do than the Stay at home book tag. I was tagged by the amazing Danni at For Book Sake. She is one of my closest blogger friends and I would encourage you all to go check out her blog if you don’t know her already!

Laying In Bed: A Book You Read In A Day

Guards! Guards!
Terry Prachett

This was a hard one as I usually dot in smaller books into my TBR which I regularly devour in just a few hours, any Agatha Christie I usually finish in a day or Novellas such as Seanan Mcguaire’s Wayard Chrildren series or Martha Well’s Murderbot diaries. But Guards! Guards! was the last book I finished in a day. His books are just so funny and fast paced you can’t help but fly through them

Snacking: A Guilty Pleasure Read

City of Bones
Cassandra Clare

I am currently re-reading this as part of my Shadowhunter Saturdays project. I really have to admit that while this book is far from a literary marvel (don’t come for me- it just isn’t) I do love reading them! It is comforting like a cheesy TV show that you just want to gasp at and have fun with. I hope the rest of the series is the same as it will be a lot of fun.

Netflix: A Series You Want To Start

The fifth season
N.K. Jemisin

This has been on my TBR shelves for far too long. I own the whole series and I love Jemisin’s writing! I know I will just want to binge these one after the other so its finding the time! Soon, very soon.

Deep Clean: A Book That’s Been On Your TBR Forever

Ancillary Justice
Ann Leckie

I have had this on my shelves for a good long while but never really dived in. I need to be in a specific mood for sci-fi and I just haven’t reached for this one when I have despite hearing good things.

Animal Crossing: A Book You Bought Because Of The Hype

Six of Crows
Leigh Bardugo

This was one of booktubes darlings when I bought it and I had yet to read any of Bardugo’s work but I am so glad I did. I enjoyed the Grishaverse books and while I enjoyed the Crooked kingdom more than Six of crows it was still a great book. There are not enough Heist books out there and I love a good heist.

Productivity: A Book You Learned From Or Had An Impact On You

Honestly It has been a long time since I have sat down and read non-fiction for fun. I spend a lot of my time reading scientific papers as part of my job. As a research scientist I am constantly learning it is a core of the job so when I read it is for escapism. My non-fiction consumption tends to come through watching documentaries more than reading.

Though I tend to love fiction that does its research too. I love those that route themselves in accuracy of a historical event such as the Chronicles of st Mary’s which is a bit like the horrible history books for adults all wrapped up in the fictional narrative. Those that pose the question of what it means to be human, like the works of John Scalzi which questions conscience or Martha Well’s Murderbot series. Or a well built world that takes science and runs with it to create fantastical worlds.

FaceTime: A Book You Were Gifted

It was my birthday last week so I have received a large number of books from the awesome bookish community so instead of talking about just one here I will be doing a big thank you book haul post later in the month.

Self Care: One Thing You’ve Done Recently To Look After Yourself

Honestly, it was taking time off! My workload has actually increase during this time of working from home. As I am a computational Biologist everything I work on is computer based and doesn’t require lab time. As the rest of the research group I work with has moved into “dry” projects as we call them (not conducted in a lab) my support for students and colleagues has increased. I am also in the process of winding down one contract and moving to another university. Taking time off to just allow myself to not be doing anything I class as productive is really difficult for me. So doing that over my birthday was one of the best gifts I could give myself. The guilt free opportunity to just be lazy!

Bonus: An Upcoming Release You’re Looking Forward To

A Declaration of the rights of Magicians
H. G . Parry

I Loved H.G Parry’s debut and I will not stop shouting about The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep (check out my Review) So this is highly anticipated for me. I do have an eARC and my review will be going live very soon!

If you would like to do this tag I tag you!

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

Down The TBR Hole #2

It’s time for another round of cleaning up my Goodreads To Read shelf. If you want to know the full story behind why I decided to do this please check out my first round

Down the TBR Hole #1

How it Works


After last weeks, some what of a failed attempt I only removed two books from my shelf. That means I now have a total of :


Books on the To Read Shelf. Let’s hope I can be more ruthless with the next ten up on the block. We left of on books added around February 2016! With the last book being me keeping The Master Magician by Charlie M. Holmberg.

Who Killed Sherlock Holmes?
Paul Cornell
Date Added: Jul 2016

I have read the first in this series, and damn it was creepy but awesome. I have the second one sitting on my shelf and I am determined to get to it. It’s a really dark urban fantasy that makes it stand out from other urban fantasies I have read. I think this will have to be a keep on the list.


Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet
Charlie M. Holmberg
Date Added: Jul 2016

Another Holmberg. I think I went through a wee spurt of adding all the things she brought out. I am not sure about this one. While I am close to finishing The Master Magician I am not in love with the series. And after reading the blurb I think it might be a bit to fluffy for my current tastes.


The Unreliable guide to London
Date Added: Jul 2016

This one is a remove straight away. While I do love books set in London this one is a anthology and I have found that anthologies are just not for me. I find them very hard to read. Some have even put me into reading slumps! So this one is off the list.


A Murder in Time
Julie McElwain
Date Added: Jul 2016

A 2016 was the time where I believed I enjoyed historical fiction. I have since discovered they are not really for me, not unless they have a strong fantasy element, or are Agatha Christie. So even though there are some interesting elements in this blurb I think its off the list.


All our Yeasterdays
Cristin Terrill
Date Added: Aug 2016

This seems like it would be something I enjoy but after noticing that it only averages 3 stars from some blogger friends I trust and them describing it as more contemporary than Sci-fi I don’t think it is for me. While I love a good time travel story I like more Science in mine.


Paper and Fire
Rachel Caine
Date Added: Aug 2016

This is a keep. I have the first in the series on my physical TBR shelf and I actually started it for the NEWTs readathon I just didn’t finish it! I was really enjoying it but got engrossed in other books and didn’t pick it back up. But I will be returning the the Great Library at Alexandria and I will be finishing this series!


The Lost Child Of Lychford
Paul Cornell
Date Added: Aug 2016

Another Paul Cornell and another one I have started the series but never continued. I don‘t own these novellas but they are readily available in both ebook and audiobook on Scribd. I did really enjoy the humour of the first book and I think I am going to have to keep this one my list as I do think it would make a great quick read, possibly for a readathon.


Benedict Jacka
Date Added: Sept 2016

I own both the ebook and audiobook of this and I have yet to actually pick it up. I think I am scared to start yet another series but as it is there I can’t move it off of my To Read Shelf as it is part of my physical TBR. It does sound really interesting and I do want to read it. I just need to finish a few series first.


The Magicians
Lev Grossman
Date Added: Sept 2016

I have all three of these on my Physical TBR Shelf and again it is just a case of needing to finish out other series before I get to them. I think it will be soon though as I have been keen to watch the TV show too.


Ok I think it did a bit better this week. Out of the 13 books I looked at I managed to get rid of 4 of them. A lot of these were series or books I own physically so it just reminds me I need to get to them sooner rather than later.

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

WWW Wednesdays – 19th Feb 2020

Happy Wednesday,

In order to break up the flood of reviews a little, I have decided to participate in some fun memes and tags and hopefully make them more of a regular thing. This one was revived by Taking on a World of Words. I like it cause it is fairly simple but allows me to check in with my reading but also with you!

WWW Wednesday asks just three questions:

What are you currently reading?

What book have you recently finished?

What do you think you will read next?

I can never read just one book at a time. I am constantly moving between books depending on my mood. Currently I have three I have just started! One from my physical TBR and two eARCs (that are overdue – one the publisher didn’t grant me access to until the day of release so I don’t feel so bad that I am behind on that one).

No Time Like the Past
Jodi Taylor

Physical TBR/audiobook

I adore this series I just seem to race through them. I recently got the audiobook for this one in an Audible £3 sale so I will most likely be flicking back and forth between the two formats. I am currently 40 pages into it as I started it last night, and as expected it is action packed already!

Chilling Effect
Valerie Valdes


I am only 26 pages in. I was granted a very last minute e-ARC of this and I was super excited so downloaded it and checked out the first chapter straight away. I am really enjoying it. The narrative voice is great and I am loving all the literary references in the chapter titles. I have just been struggling with ebooks as I have had quite an exhausting week so far but hopefully I will get this finished soon.

Jessica Thorne


This was officially released yesterday but due to struggling with ebooks I havent finished it in time. I am only a few chapters in and I have to admit I am struggling a little. I am having a hard time visualising and placing the setting in my mind. The Atmosphere and Setting of a book is a big thing for me and if I struggle with that I struggle with the characters and the plot. I will give it a few more chapters to see if I can get the feel of it.

A shiver of Snow and Sky
Lisa Lueddecke

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Physical TBR

This was supposed to be a Polarathon read, but I kinda failed at Polarathon as I got distracted by The Last Smile in Sunder City. So I started it this week and just devoured it in two days. I couldn’t put it down it was just such a fun adventure. I really loved the characters and the world. I will have a full review soon.

False Value
Ben Aaronovich

New Purchase!

It’s Finally Here!!!!!! I preordered this as soon as it was announced and then waited. It was one of my most anticipated books for 2019 but then it was pushed back and became one of my most anticipated of 2020. I love this series and i really cant wait to continue. I usually have to read the books twice as the first time I just race through eager to get the story then the second read through I actually absorb the story. This is actually due out tomorrow but I just got an email to say my pre-order is in early!

So that is my first WWW post. I will see you next Wednesday to update you. What are you reading this week?

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

Down the TBR hole #1

So I was looking for something to write that wasn’t just a review, as I have just been bombarding you guys with reviews lately, and I reached out to ask my fantastic blogging group for help! I will link all their blogs after my post so you can check them all out. The have been such an awesome and supportive group. Of course they came through with some awesome ideas and one I just had to give a try!

The lovely Candyce from The Book Dutchesses had posted her 25th Down the TBR hole and it just sounded like such a fun way to sift through the depths of my Goodreads TBR shelf and finally do some tidying!

This was originally started by Lost in a Story (Blog currently offline) and it works like this:

Go to your goodreads to-read shelf.

Order on ascending date added.

Take the first 5 (or 10 or 15 or 20, if you’re feeling adventurous) books.

Read the synopses of the books.

Decide: keep it or should it go?

Keep track of where you left off so you can pick up there Later

I have to admit I am a bit of a Goodreads hoarder. I tend to add just about anything I see or hear to my To Read shelf and I never tidy it. So That means I have a total of

329 Books

on my shelf. Some of these are books I own and I just want to have a place holder for the specific edition so when I move it to currently reading I can easily access it so that edition via mobile (as Goodreads needs some work on that). Others are books that I have heard about while listening to podcasts, booktube, browsing twitter.

Storm Front
‘Richard Castle’
Date Added: Feb 2015

Oh a TV tie in, that’s an embarrassing start! I loved Castle and I have to admit I kind of enjoyed the tie in books. They were fun and basically more of the TV show, an easy going beach read. However, its been a while since this series ended and I haven’t watched for it for a while and I don’t own this book so I don’t think I will every pick it up


The Testing Series
Joelle Charbonneau
Date Added: Feb 2015

Yes I added the whole series and I have actually read them all and I have been meaning to re-read them ever since. These are in the same realm of dystopian YA focused around university education. Its kind of similar to Divergent but I actually preferred it (as it doesn’t contain lazy un-researched science- yes that is shade at Alliegent) .

I read it during studying for my MRes, I think travelling home for the holidays if I remember correctly and I just really enjoyed them. I do still want to read them again so I think they have to be kept.


Royal Assassin
Robin Hobb
Date Added: May 2015

This is another keep! As I will be joining in on the Elderlingalog which starts next month. As this is book 2 in the series I think we will be reading this one in April/May! so it will be off my To-Read shelf then, I guess.


A Criminal Magic
Lee Kelly
Date Added: Nov 2015

Oh this is the first tough one. I really kind of like the sound of the synopsis, magic, 1920s, gangs but it has been on my TBR for almost 5 years and it doesn’t appear to be available anywhere even amazon so I think it has to be removed!


Fall of the Gas Light Empire Books #2 and #3
Rod Duncan
Date Added: Feb 2016

I have read the first book in this series and it has been a good long while but I remember enjoying it. Goodreads said I gave it 3 stars and I remember going to request the second one from my library and them not stocking it (despite having the 3rd on file) so I never continued. It was an interesting sort of steam punk mystery, with some great world building. I think if i was to read these I would have to read the first book again though. I think they are a keep, but just for now


The Master Magician
Charlie M. Holmburg

Another one! I have read the first two and then never continued. I do own this on my kindle! and its got the audio in kindle unlimited so I really have no excuse why I haven’t finished it yet. So it is a keep but I think I will have to think aobut giving myself a deadline on the ones I own.


Oh I didn’t do so well at the whole clearing the shelf did I! only removing 2 out of the 10. It did remind me of some great books I have to read, and some that may need to be reassessed later.

Here are some awesome bloggers from my Bloggers group chat that helped me out with suggestions and you should defiantly go check out:

Of course there is Candyce of the Book Dutchesses whom I pinched this idea from, Ellie from ReadToRamble who suggested I pinch Candyce’s idea, and Kat from KBookreviews who gave me ideas for some awesome tags I will be doing very shortly. Thank you all you are all awesome!

What has been sitting languishing on your To Read shelves on Goodreads?
I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – Book Tag

It’s Christmas Eve! And on Christmas Eve in my family home, right before bed it is traditional for us all to sit down are read the classic poem

The Night Before Christmas
Clement C. Moore

Therefore when I found the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Book tag, originally created by Aoife from Fred Weasley died laughing, I just had to make it my Christmas Eve post.


“Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse,”
A book that kept you up so late, everyone else was asleep.

Jay Kristoff

I read this in two sittings, staying up way to late to finish it as I was just in too deep I needed to know how it ended. I adore this series and I am sad it has now come to an end, even if I have not convinced myself to pick up the last book yet (I don’t want it to be over).

“And Mama in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap,had just settled our brains for a long winter’s nap,”
A book that made you fall asleep.

The Beholder
Anna Bright

Sorry but this one was a little bit of a snooze fest for me. I only rated it 2 stars, which was one of the lowest rated books of 2019 for me. I just found it rather dull and predictable. I did however recommend it to a friend whom I knew would adore the romance and she loved it. It just wasn’t my cup of tea.

“When out on the roof there arose such a clatter,I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter,”
A book, or a book scene that made your heart race

The Black Hawks
David Wragg

Where not heart racing as such The Black Hawks had me on the edge of my seat on a number of occasions, eager to turn the page and see what happened next! This was a highly rated ARC read for me this year, and I have a full review.

“when, what to my wondering eyes should appear,but a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer,”
An object in a book that was utterly magical/ Or a magical book

The Starless Sea
Erin Morgernstern

To me this whole book was just magical. I have been trying to write my review for some time but I just can’t put into words how i feel about it. From the writing style to the worldbuilding to me its just magical. I intend on re-reading it over the holidays and will hopefully have my review in the new year, but it will be a glowing one.

“With a little old driver, so lively and quick, I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick,”
A twinkle-eyed book character that made you happy.

DC Peter Grant – Rivers of London
Ben Aaronovich

Peter will never fail to be one of my favourite characters. I realised that as the release of False Value was pushed back we would not be getting a story from Peter’s perspective this year so I am actually re-reading this one ( as I devoured it the day it came out last year) and decided to refresh my memory of the story before it continues early 2020.

“so up to the house-top the coursers they flew, with the sleigh full of toys, and St. Nicholas too,”
A book that made you fly to another land.

Ten Thousand Doors of January
Alix E. Harrow

This had some of the most beautiful and wonderful worldbuilding as well as story telling I have come across. I adored every minute of this book and all the possibilities it held. You can read my full review here.

“And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof, the prancing and pawing of each little hoof,”
A book creature you love.

Temeraire – The Temeraire Series
Naomi Novik

There is nothing quite like a super inquisitive almost feline like Dragon! Temeraire and his relationship with Capt. Laurence is just awesome to read about and I instantly fell for Temeraire. You can read all my thoughts on this one here

“He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot, and his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot,”
A character that proves to more than his /her first impression

Kellen – Spellslinger Series
Sebastian De Castell

Kellen starts out as a little bit of a spoiled brat with a woe is me attitude but as this series continues he really does grow up. He learns from his mistakes, and makes his own way in the world and I really enjoyed going on that journey with him. I have just finished the last in the series, which I will be reviewing soon, it was a fitting ending to his story,

“He had a broad face and a little round belly, that shook when he laughed, like a bowl full of jelly,”
A book or book character that made you laugh

Reichis – Spellslinger Series
Sebastian De Castell

This fluffy little murderous Squirrel-Cat just makes me chuckle. I adore the relationship he has with Kellen and the banter they share. Again I was happy with how the story ended for him too, it made me laugh right to the last page.

“A wink of his eye and a twist of his head, soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread,”
A book that makes you feel safe.

A very Scalzi Christmas
John Scalzi

I wouldn’t say this book made me feel safe, its more I knew that this book was a safe bet that I would enjoy it from the very first page all the way to the last word. And I did. It put me in a great festive mood and I have even picked up the audio (its full cast!) to re-listen to a couple of my favourite bits with my husband as we have been prepping for Christmas Day. I have a mini review here.

“He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work, and filled all the stockings, then turned with a jerk,”
A book that put you to work (a book that you felt you really needed to concentrate on)

Crown of Feathers
Nicki Pau Preto

This is going right back to the beginning of the year but I just remember this taking me a very long time to get into. I just found it a bit of a struggle overall. While I quite enjoyed the story in the end I just found it a bit hard going to begin with. I did have an ARC of this and reviewed it here.

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”
A book with a magnificent ending

Girls of Paper and Fire
Natasha Ngan

The worldbuilding made this book for me but Oh that Epilogue just killed. I am so glad I didn’t have to wait to pick up the sequel (review coming soon) as the cliffhanger was a doozie, see my review for more.

So there are my Answers. I tag you! If you haven’t done this tag.

Happy Holidays!