April Bookish Bullet Journal

My Bullet Journal while heavily book focused is usually more function over form. I rarely draw or do any kind of flourishes instead keeping it fairly minimal. That is until April and August, the Magical Readathon months, where I like to do something a little special to celebrate. Last August I did a Daily prophet and Quibbler page to with all the prompts I needed to read and I loved it so much I just had to mimic it again. So here is my April set up.

Cover Page

Of course I have to rep my house in my cover page! I have been doing a Art Deco inspired cover page for the other months in the year all based around the colour scheme I have picked for that month, but have switched it up to radiate Ravenclaw pride this month. Of course my colour scheme is also Blue and Bronze!

Monthly Spread

I haven’t really made any changes to this section. This is how I tend to draw it every month. I have a calendar to have little notes at a glance. I will usually include symbols for events such as blog post days, mark out holidays or if its a birthday the persons name. I have a section to note scheduled blog posts, and what books I have written reviews for and what has still to be reviewed – this is really important this year as I am trying to review every book I read even if its just a mini review.

I then have my TBR and reading stats page. This has a short column for my TBR, then a large section i can fill in with the covers of all the books I read. I also mark the ratings and then to an over view of the month so I can easily grab that information when i write my wrap up posts.

Page Tracking and OWLs Cover

The page tracking page is another thing I include every month. It really gives me insight into when I read a lot and when my reading dips. I also mark what days I finish books on this too so I can see how my reading is spaced throughout the month.

I decided to stick with the Educational Decree as the cover page for the O.W.Ls this year too as I just really like how clean it looks but it also is really bold. I like to get to play a bit with different font work too. Basically I think it looks pretty.

O.W.L Prompts

I am super proud of how this page turned out this year. I managed to get all the prompts on one page. I had to add a little filler text to make it see as busy as the Daily prophet usually looks and I also added stickers or various elements to give it that news paper feel. This set up definitely works better with the NEWTs as there are a lot more prompts to work with but I still think it turned out awesome.

I do love thinking up fun ways to fit them all in, trying different font work and putting in little jokes to make me smile when i read back over it. I need to go back in and put my completion tick boxes for a couple of the prompts as I forgot to include them while drawing but overall I am happy with it.

Example of Book Review page

Spoiler alert for my review of the first O.W.L I finished – Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes but I thought I would give you an example of one of my review pages. I start one of these for every book I read, apart from graphic novels and short books/Agatha Christie books which get the mini review format version.

In the top section I track when I started and finished it, if its part of a series, how many pages my copy has and my rating and if I have posted my review on my blog. I have sticker paper where I can print out the book covers for books on my TBR and that I have read that lets me have a more colourful pages. In my yearly pages I have colleges of the book cover stickers and I really like looking back at them and seeing all the books i have read over the year/

The next section I don’t fill in till I have finished the book. It is my ESCAPE reviewing system I use for all my reviews and I fill in a couple of sentences about my thoughts to help when I come to type them up in my review. it also has the score for each section so I can generate my overall rating.

Finally I have an open section for thoughts while I am reading. Sometimes I add quotes I came across other times just thoughts and musings. This also helps with my reviews.

Weekly page, Tasks and Mini review

This is a bit of a busy couple of pages. I draw these on Sunday in preparation for the upcoming week. Anything in advance of the week goes on my monthly page.

On the Left the page is split in two. The upper have is my running task list for the week. These are tasks that are over multiple days, standing appointments. I mark them with a bullet point on the day at the top and then a cross if they are complete. in the lower half i have a mini Review set up. As they don’t go through the ESCAPE system I shorten this down to just the stats and the note sections and it works well for me.

The weekly page is fairly plain I just mark specific tasks/notes etc with a bullet or a dash. I do track my reading here too as this is a Bookish bullet journal and I do that using mini version of the book cover stickers. As I switch between multiple books I tend to have quite a few covers per day and underneath them i just quickly mark the number of pages i read in each. If i finish it i mark it as finished too.

That is my Bookish Bullet Journal for April. If you would like to see more of my 2020 bullet journal set up then just let me know. I will have to start thinking about what I am going to do for the NEWTs – more daily prophet or something different – what do you think?

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

August – N.E.W.Ts Bullet Journal Spread.

I keep a Bullet journal every month but it tends to be pretty minimal, until it comes to the months which play host to a Magical Readathon. I really like doing elaborate TBR Spreads for the readathon as well as keeping my usual monthlies in my House colours of Blue and Bronze!

Here is a tour of this months spreads.

Monthly title page

Keeping it simple with some house pride and colours. The crest was just printed on sticker paper as I am not artistic enough to re-create the whole crest.

Monthly Spread

My Monthly spread consists of three pages. These are the same every month so this month they are just in Ravenclaw colours. First, I have a calendar page where I can make important dates. This page also has a Blog post tracker on the lower half of the page. The Second page, is my reading tracker, when I finish a book I place a small sticker (which I print at home) of the book cover, noting the number of pages and my rating. Usually this is where I would not my TBR when I am not participating in a readathon. The third page (below) is a graph for tracking my pages per day. there is space to note 255 pages per day – though if I am to clear all my TBR I will need to break this number almost every day!

N.E.W.Ts TITLE page

I love doing a big title page for the Magical Readathon TBR Spread it just makes it easier to find within my journal and makes it stand out. I decided to make this years look like and Educational degree.

N.E.W.Ts TBR Spread

If you haven’g guessed I decided to theme my TBR spreads on the Daily Prophet and the Quibbler! The Daily Prophet pages (above) are all the exams I need to sit for the career of Alchemist. The Quibbler pages have the extra N.E.W.Ts I would like to sit or those I would need for the career path of Curse Breaker. Both are made with a combination of line art /calligraphy /typography and home made printed stickers. The Luna glasses sticker was a stocking present from my husband last year and I finally found a use for it (he says it was from red bubble but he forgets the seller). All the images were just source by a google search and then transformed into black and while images for printing ( I didn’t make not of the websites sorry). The only thing I have forgotten to do it to put check boxes in I can tick off when I have read that prompt. I will need to find a way of squeezing them in.

So that is my Magical readathon TBR spread. I hope you like it.

Are you participating in the N.E.W.Ts? Do you Bullet Journal? Have you made a N.E.W.Ts spread? I would love to talk all things Magical Readathon/ Bullet journalling and Bookish either in the Comments, or on my Twitter.

Happy Reading!

O.W.L.s Readathon – Bullet Journal

In a departure form my usual bookish talk I thought I would do another post exploring my Bookish Bullet Journal .

Usually my Bullet Journal is very minimalist and functional for use in tracking reading, work tasks and appointments. My monthly spreads tend to stay the same shifting only in colour month to month. However, the month of April heralds the Magical Readathon O.W.Ls which means I have put a bit more artistic flair into my pages and the TBR spread.

April Title Page

The month cover page is showing full house pride with a big sticker of my House. I have also chosen to make Aprils colour scheme Bronze and Blue. The combination looks beautiful.

Monthly spread

My monthly page has my at a glance calendar, a tracker for blog posts and a space of for notes on reviews I need to write but have no set date for along with other blog posts.

The second page is a reading tracker. It has a list of my TBR for quick reference, a tracker for my ratings throughout the month and a large space for recording the books read within the month. I like to create small stickers for the cover of each book I intend to read and I use them to track how many pages I have read of each book during my weekly spreads and I place one here once I have finished.

Page tracker

I also have a full page tracker for the overall number of pages I read each day. I find this really encourages me to read, even just a little, each day. Filling this in also has allowed me to see my reading habits, when my readings peak and lulls. This helps me counter act slumps, but I also find it closely corresponds to mental health too.

All of these pages are pretty standard in my monthly apart from the incorporation of the Ravenclaw crest. This month also contains a portion I have dedicated to the O.W.Ls Readathon and I am really quite proud of these pages.

O.W.L.s Title page

I wanted this title page to really herald the start of the readathon. I thought the inclusion of the Ministry of magic logo would make it seem more official, then realised i have used the magical law enforcement logo instead of the full ministry one. Lets just pretend they over see the examination process! I still think it looks great.

O.W.Ls TBR spread

This is the section I am most proud of. Using a combination of the Wizarding career booklet created by G at Book Roast and my own design to make it look like pages from the Daily Prophet. I am so happy with how it turned out. As I have my heart set on being an Alchemist, but know that reading 12 books in one month is a bit of a push for me I have picked Curse breaker as a back up career. Hence the two spreads. As they both share the six Curse Breaker Exams I haven’t overlapped those entries.

If you want to see my whole TBR for the O.W.Ls Readathon it can be found here.

Are you participating in the Magical Readathon this month? What subjects are you taking? Do you Bullet Journal? Have you created any special spreads for April?

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

Bookish Bullet Journal 2019

I have kept a bullet journal for over 3 years now. I swear I wouldn’t have survived my PhD without it. I use it for work projects as well as personal projects and it travels with me every day. I have found that over the years it has also became a reading journal where I track various stats as well as make notes on the books I am reading.

While I have trimmed down the number of pages dedicated to bookish stats this year, as I am tracking most of them in a spreadsheet (see my 2019 goals post for a link to the spread sheet I based mine on). I thought I would still share some of my key pages. Most of the pictures were taken before I started filling the spreads in but I have included a couple to show how I use them.

I really love the minimalist style so I don’t have the most artistic of books but I love how practical it is. I have found over the years these spreads have really worked for me. I currently have a Nuuna notebook with the Douglas Adam’s quote

I love deadlines I love the Whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

I think is the perfect quote for a bookish bullet journal! particularly for me, I have a million deadlines that really do whoosh by! I primarily use Muji 0.5 pens but I do have some mildliners and Faber Castel Pitt artist pens for a little flare. Each month usually has a two tone colour scheme and my reading sections is teal and grey! The pens for that months colour scheme are stored in the cute pen strap pictured. As my journal doesn’t have its own inbuilt elastic closure this has duel function of keeping my book closed in my bag but also keeping my pens at hand if i want to make notes on the go (i dont know the brand as it was a Christmas gift).

I always start and end my bookish sections with a creative space for me to decorate. For some years now I have been tracking my reading using homemade stickers of book covers I am reading. Its a fun way to add colour to my journal while also tracking all the books I have read!


The biggest thing I track in the bookish portion has to be my Goodreads Challenge. Its great for if I finish a book on the go, late at night or just when I cant be bothered logging on to Goodreads I can note down the details and go back to Goodreads later!


My decision to streamline my stats tracking has reduced this from serveral pages down to this single page. I intend to fill this with the number of books and pages I read, my average ratings, my favourite book of the month and any readathons I participated in so I can look at it all at a glance.

While this year I decided not to have a written TBR I do have a few trackers for up-coming releases, eArc I have received and and series I need to complete! I am hoping flicking past these pages will remind me to pull form these various shelves or keep me on top of my pre-orders.


As well as these year long logs I also track my reading at the monthly/weekly level. I have a page that contains my Ten Book TBR, my blog post schedule and I also track pages read per day on a graph. My Weeklies also utalise the homemade book stickers where I post a sticker with the number of pages I read that day.

point blur_jan162019_203452

Probably one of my most common spreads is my book review notes. I like to make one page for each book. I make notes on when I started and finished, number of pages, if I read it as part of a readathon/project, my ratings in both stars and my new ESCAPE system. I also make noted as I read in the Thoughts section and used them to compile notes for each section of ESCAPE which in turn I use to write my Review. I amĀ  really enjoying how this works. its so easy to just grab my journal and jot down a thought or two as I read. It also allows me to come back and assess for my review later instead of struggling to remember what I loved/hated about the work. I have blurred the example above as it has spoilers but do check out my spoiler free review of The Binding!

Do you keep a bullet journal? What do you track?

Do you track your reading? How do you track it?

Are you interested to see more of my Bullet Journal? I could post a monthly spread – they mostly stay the same month to month, so I wouldn’t post a plan with me every month as it would get boring quickly.

I would love to chat all thinks Bookish wither here in the comments or on Goodreads and Twitter.

Happy Reading!